Why Use Proxy Servers?

The Internet is filled with many ways to make your browsing faster and secure but one of the newest ways to get better internet service is by using proxies and other tools that enable you to bypass internet restrictions. Bypassing restrictions on the net makes it easy for you to go online without worrying about the dangers or hazards of downloading a virus or malware onto your computer. But there are also many benefits of proxies that you should know about. You may not be aware that these tools can be a big help in terms of increasing your online privacy. In fact, most people do not even realize the importance of proxies until they face some trouble while browsing the net. So, here are some of the benefits of anonymous proxies and why they are important.


If you are looking for the perfect tool for your online activities, IP change or residential proxies are the perfect solution for you. What are IP addresses? These are numbers assigned to every computer that connects to the Internet and this number identifies the particular machine on the Internet that you are trying to access. What if I were to tell you that there are actually numbers assigned to computers which are closely associated to your IP addresses and this is so because you actually use this number to log into your online banking system or to access various web applications? Your IP address is like your identity and nobody else knows how to protect your identity except you.

So, how are these IP addresses changing our lives? Well, we can think about it in two ways. One of the ways is to hide our IP address, which means we can safely browse the Internet without any fear of our information being intercepted. This is possible since these days, many companies are offering free anonymous proxies. With these services, you can change your real IP address and still go online without the fear of your web browser being tracked by hackers and other intruders. By hiding your real IP address through these anonymous proxies, you can safely visit any website which uses secure connections.

Another way to protect yourself is to utilize anonymous proxies. There are also servers which use their own unique IP addresses to mask your IP address. These anonymous proxies are used to prevent the possibility of hacking and unauthorized access to your system. If you happen to be using an IP changing server, then you might experience problems accessing certain websites which you normally have access to.

Using anonymous proxies to maintain your online privacy is very easy. You don’t even need a website to register to these services. It is as simple as using a typical free anonymous browsing browser. All you have to do is to go to the site of your choice, enter your key, and start browsing anonymously. You’ll immediately see a message indicating that your IP address has been changed and you will need to re-enter the key used to access the site before continuing.

These types of web servers make use of two IP addresses instead of one. The first IP address is used as the source of the request and the second IP address is used as the destination of the request. Whenever you visit a website using one of these proxies, you are effectively requesting information from a different location. As long as there is a web server within range, it will reply to your request. This means that although you might be requesting information from a trusted site, the request may be intercepted by hackers who may alter or modify the site before forwarding it to you.

Some websites might not be happy to see another IP address changing in the requests they receive. This makes it possible for you to hide your IP address even if you’re just accessing a particular website or going through some information online. Hiding your IP address makes it harder for them to trace back the user behind that anonymous browsing. Reverse proxies are very useful in this situation. Since it only takes a couple of seconds for the request to get through, it won’t take much time for the hacker to track down the user behind the proxies.

There are numerous benefits of using these proxies. The main benefits are getting around potential harassment and Internet censorship. Proxy servers make it possible to access websites that normally require a certain username and password. This makes it possible to surf anonymously and surf freely. Even though there are possible downsides, it is usually beneficial to use proxies for browsing safety.

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