Why I Dream Clean Has The Best Maid Service

Why I Dream Clean Has The Best maid service

Why I Dream Clean Has The Best maid services? It’s simple: they use a special cleaning agent called MR Shield. This amazing product helps to eliminate odors and kill germs. Here are some tips to protect your home from cross-contamination. You’ll love the benefits of MR Shield! Keep reading! We’ll cover some other advantages of MR Shield as well.

MR Shield

MR Shield(r) is an eco-friendly cleaning solution created by Maid Right. It uses a special application technology to disinfect hard-to-reach surfaces, leaving them sparkling and odor-free. Only Maid Right of New Rochelle offers this system. Maid Right is committed to providing residential cleaning services that are 100% family-friendly. Here are some benefits of using MR Shield. MR Shield is safe for young children, pets, and the environment.

MR Shield eliminates odors

MR Shield(r) is a disinfecting technology that releases electrostatically charged particles that float down and land on surfaces that were not treated. Unlike traditional cleaning processes, MR Shield’s particles are able to wrap around even the hardest to clean places. This proprietary cleaning method continues to clean for 48 hours, leaving the area odor free. The resulting clean is safe, sanitized, and odor-free.

Tips to protect your home from cross-contamination

One way to prevent cross-contamination is to ensure your home is as clean as possible. This means having the cleaning service use a specialized sanitation system called MR Shield. This hospital-grade disinfection system helps eliminate odors and kills 99% of germs. MR Shield disinfects surfaces without leaving a sticky film. This method helps protect your family’s health while your home is being cleaned.

Cleaning staff must know how to use cleaning chemicals effectively and color code cleaning tools to avoid cross-contamination. Proper training is also necessary to prevent cross-contamination. Once employees have been properly trained, they should know how to use the chemicals. Supervisors need to ensure proper discipline among the cleaning staff. They must also know basic cleaning techniques and precautions before they start their jobs.

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