If you are looking for some great places to visit in Connecticut, then check out the town of Newington. It’s a small town between New Britain and Hartford, but it is full of history and has many attractions. The town is also a great place to get away from it all and relax.

Newington is a small town between Hartford and New Britain

Newington is located in north central Connecticut between the cities of New Britain and Hartford. It borders the latter city, but is not considered part of it. The city has been largely bypassed by interstate highways. Although there was an original plan for Interstate 291 to cut through the town, it never came to fruition. Because of this, the town has been served by surface roads and bus routes.

Newington has a rich history, dating back to the seventeenth century. The area was originally part of the town of Wethersfield. Its early names included “Pipestave Swamp,” “Cow Plain,” and “West Farms.” These names reflect the area’s use as a pasture for cattle and a source of pipe staves. As time passed, the town’s population increased and new commercial enterprises were established. In 1830, railroads began passing through Newington, accelerating the town’s growth and development. As a result, more homes were built.

Newington is home to several public schools. It has four elementary schools, which serve kindergarten through fourth grade. There are also middle schools, which teach grades five through eight. The town also has a high school for students in grades nine through twelve.

It has a rich history

Newington Connecticut is home to many historic buildings and sites. The Newington Public Library is built in the Georgian Revival style. It offers free Wi-Fi, public computers, newspapers, and busy activity programs. The library also hosts local artist exhibitions, lectures, and storytimes. Yoga classes and movie screenings are also held at the library. In addition, there is the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, also known as W1AW, which was built in 1938 and stands next to the Amateur Radio Relay League headquarters. In 1938, the station broadcast on the CBS network.

Newington became a thriving town during the nineteenth century, thanks to its strategic location in the center of Connecticut. As a result, the town attracted new residents and businesses. The first business in the town was Levi Lusk’s tavern. It served as a model for many other businesses that came to Newington over the years. The town’s growth increased with the advent of railroads. More people moved to Newington, and more homes were built.

Among the historic buildings in the town is the Enoch Kelsey House, which was built by a farmer/tinsmith in 1799. The house was once planned for demolition but members of the Newington Historical Society rescued the building and discovered four rare trompe-l’oeil paintings in the home. The house also features restored wooden panelling, an original beehive oven, and a barn loom from 1822. The house has been home to four generations of women in the same family. The Newington Historical Society holds annual events celebrating the building’s heritage.

It has many attractions

Newington, Connecticut, is home to numerous attractions and events. The city is a great place for people of all ages. From historical buildings to art galleries and museums, there’s plenty to see and do. If you’re planning a vacation to this beautiful city, consider these attractions.

The town is situated in the center of Connecticut, near I-84 and CT-91. It’s primarily residential, but is also a part of the greater Hartford area. It’s also home to the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Located in the city’s center is the 16-foot-high Mill Pond Falls. The waterfall is located within Mill Pond Park, and visitors can walk over it for a breathtaking view. The park also includes a playground, tennis courts, and a public swimming pool.

There are also several museums in Newington, Connecticut. Old Town Church is one of the most popular attractions, and you may also want to check out the Connecticut River Conservatory. Other places of interest include the Swan House, Woolworth State Park, and the Audubon Society’s nature center.

It is a great place to unplug

Newington, Connecticut is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Located in southern Connecticut, the town offers a peaceful and scenic setting that makes it ideal for a relaxing retreat. The town also has several recreational opportunities, and its residents are always friendly and helpful. Its community website features many helpful tips for the newcomer.

It has a planetarium

Newington Connecticut is a town with a planetarium that is open to the public. The space was dedicated in 1995 and features a reproduction of a photograph of the famous battle of Iwo Jima. There is also an eternal flame and black granite panels with the names of the men from Connecticut who perished in the war. The planetarium is maintained by the Central Connecticut State University Physics & Engineering Department. It is open to the public every other Saturday.

The planetarium is free to the public. The observatory’s faculty and students also use the space for educational purposes. During the summer months, students are encouraged to visit the planetarium to learn about the night sky. The observatory maintains telescopes for astronomical viewing.

For families with kids, there are many other fun activities and attractions in Newington. The Connecticut Science Center has a planetarium and exhibits for the entire family. The Newington Museum of American Art is another great option for families. There are also interactive exhibits and an art studio for kids. The Newington Children’s Theatre Company produces quality children’s theatre productions. There are also historical exhibits at the Museum of Yesterday.

It has a cider mill

If you are in the mood for some cider, why not visit Newington Connecticut and visit the cider mill? The cider here is a popular drink, and a trip to the cider mill is a great way to kick off fall. There is a variety of hard cider available at this mill, and the town is known for its delicious apple cider donuts.

Clyde’s Cider Mill opens each fall and welcomes visitors from all over the state and beyond. Most guests come for the cider and doughnuts, but many stay to watch the historic cider press in action. The bakery’s most popular item is its cider doughnuts, made using the cider from the mill and a family recipe. The bakery also offers a variety of other sweet treats, including apple pie and pastries.

It has an apple orchard

If you love apples and fall activities, Newington Connecticut has plenty of apple orchards to choose from. Whether you prefer to pick your own, try a new variety or sample a locally produced pie, there is an orchard for everyone. You can even pick your own pumpkins or berries!

Lyman Orchard is one of Connecticut’s best apple orchards. The orchard has over a dozen varieties of apples and a fully functioning cider mill. You can pick your own apples or enjoy award-winning pies in this picturesque orchard. The Lyman family has been farming the same land since 1741, and today you can enjoy the orchard’s apple-picking experience and delicious baked goods.

During the season, Newington Connecticut’s apple orchards are open to visitors every day except Sunday. Picking takes place from late August to late October. The orchard is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday, and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The orchard also offers apple-cider donuts and other homemade goodies.

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