Pet Day Care or Kennel in Chapel Hill

Typically we want to keep the family together where ever we go. There are just so many details to consider when 'family' means pets. Whether you hire a professional pet sitter or use a boarding pet service, choices in care providers and services have increased and diversified.

If you have to leave your cat or dog, the first choice financially and emotionally may be to have a neighbor or family member who loves your pet almost as much as you, be willing and available every day for pet sitting. It's economical, pets are in their home environment, and the house is occupied which deters burglars.

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At least an hour per visit is required, even if the pet does not interact. If you are the sitter, and the pet wants to hide, play the same game. Lay low – as in on the floor, in the same room you think the pet is in (usually a cat).

Just lay there and talk gently. You can talk to yourself or read a book out loud. Give the animal time to adjust to your presence. In time, maybe days, they will start to stir. Continue ignoring them until they will allow you to notice them.

Eventually, you may be able to roll a ball in their direction and build from there. Gently. Cats seem to like this even though they may pretend otherwise, and they at least get some form of stimulation while their parents are gone.

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