Is Pink Himalayan Salt a Healthy Choice?

Himalayan pink salt (also known as pink salt or pink table salt) is a crystal salt mined in the foothills of the great Himalayan range in northern India. It has a pinkish tone because of trace elements like iron and magnesium. The name itself suggests that the salt is pink since it is obtained from mineral salts of pink hue. The pinkish color is obtained by ionizing the salt with an electric current. The salt has been in use in India ever since ancient times, though the earliest evidence of its use comes from scripts in Hindu religious texts from the seventh century BC.

pink himalayan salt

Himalayan pink salts are highly refined and chemically treated salts that are derived from fine crystals of quartz and are found in nature. They have been widely used throughout the world as health benefits’ additives and in the manufacture of many foods and medical remedies. The salt’s pinkish tone comes from traces of copper, iron and magnesium. Some of the common ailments and health conditions that are better treated using the refined salts include diabetes, hypertension, eczema, arthritis, asthma, muscle pain, sore throat, oral cavity problems, kidney stones, digestive disorders, fatigue, headache, toothache and more.

Eczema: The effects of high blood pressure can cause your skin to become dry and scaly. This condition is easily remedied using this healthier alternative. Studies show that using pink Himalayan salt taken in high doses can help to reduce blood pressure. It is even beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Many people with eczema find it difficult to get enough sodium in their diet, which is one reason why high levels of sodium are found in foods. Taking a salt supplement several times a day can help to get rid of the sodium buildup and restore proper levels of salt in the body.

High Blood Pressure: The health benefits of pink Himalayan salt doesn’t stop there. This salt has also been shown to lower high blood pressure. The lower blood pressure means that you will have fewer occurrences of heart attacks. Heart attacks occur when the blood pressure is too high. People who suffer from high blood pressure should consult a doctor before they begin a regular table salt diet, since regular table salt contains many unhealthy ingredients that could be bad for your health.

Sulfur: Sodium sulfate is an important ingredient in many shampoos, soaps and toothpastes. However, there are many other trace minerals that are found in pink Himalayan salt that can be even more beneficial than sodium sulfate. These minerals are found in small quantities in the pink hue of the salt and can be even more beneficial than sodium sulfate.

Kidney Disease: Trace minerals can also play a role in preventing kidney disease and high blood pressure. They lower blood pressure and lower the levels of “plaque” in the arteries. However, when people begin to take regular salt they lose the trace minerals they have gained over time. This can be especially difficult in people who are suffering from kidney disease because potassium, one of the trace minerals found in pink Himalayan salt tends to get depleted in people with this disease. A supplement can be taken to help restore levels back to normal.

When looking at the health claims of any supplement or product, it is important to read the ingredient label and research each ingredient. Examine the amount of sodium chloride contained in the product. If it contains high amounts of sodium chloride then you should be concerned. High levels of sodium chloride may be dangerous, but pink Himalayan salt may be just what you need to lower your sodium levels and your overall health.

As with any product that makes health claims you should always check with your physician. He or she will be able to tell you whether a certain product will be good for you or not. Even products made with natural ingredients can contain chemicals that are bad for your health. Don’t take risks by taking any kind of supplement without talking to your doctor first. You should always try new things carefully and be open to trying new things that you might not have ever tried before. When it comes to pink Himalayan salt it has been used for centuries as an important part of many cultures, and the salt can play a role in keeping our bodies healthy.

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