Fleur De Lis Crystal And Other Popular Jewellery Styles

fleur de sel

Fleur De Lis Crystal And Other Popular Jewellery Styles

Among the two most popular of fleur de sel designs, the Fleur de Soleil has a long and storied history. It involves collecting the lightest (and sometimes barely visible) layer of white-colored salt which rises to the surface of waters along the shore of France, mostly but not exclusively on the French Riviera. The most famous symbol of this type of flower has been a well-known emblem for many things, among them the city of Paris. The salt flat from which the flower emerges is often depicted as being a replica of the shell of a turtle, and so the name Fleur de soleil was adopted as a title and logo. In recent times the term fleur de sel has come to refer loosely to any and all floral arrangements with the fleur-de-lis motifs, though historically the saltiest of the coastal salts, known as La Dolce Vita, is where it originated.

The flower of salt is related to another symbol of France: the fleur de lis. (and this symbol also has English translation). It is a national emblem and the salt crystal fleur de lis is used widely in advertising, artwork, clothing and, of course, design.

The fleur de sel has become somewhat of an art form in its own right. There are several different styles and formats, and each shows its own unique characteristics. There are numerous fleur de lis varieties: small clusters of light-colored crystals of varying thickness, ranging from very fine dust crystals to large chunky confectionary fleur de lis blocks. This variety is the most popular, and also the most expensive. Smaller clusters have more petals, while larger blocks have a larger surface area – both of which translate to larger fleur de lis crystal blocks or more individual fleur de sel flower arrangements.

Historically, the fleur de sel became associated with Christmas. This association has remained strong over the years, although some find the true meaning of the season to be somewhat contradictory. Nonetheless, many people enjoy this popular symbol for its widespread appeal and beautiful appearance. Some consider fleur de sel to be associated with much more than just the holiday season, however.

Today, you can buy fleur de sel online and in specialty stores. Many people find this to be a particularly pleasant surprise, since traditionally such a commodity usually goes only one winter season and never comes back. One of the wonderful things about shopping for anything on the Internet is that you can comparison shop; that is, you can compare prices from various online retailers. Amazon, for example, allows you to look at a selection of fleur de sel products offered by different retailers side-by-side so that you can choose the product that best suits your individual needs.

Fleur de lis jewelry is also available for purchase, both as a ready-made arrangement or as a handmade piece. Whichever fleur de lis product you prefer, you’ll likely be able to find it online. Because of the sheer popularity of this traditional symbol, it’s unlikely that you will miss out on any opportunity to buy fleur de sel. There is even a chance that the trend will grow in your region, which could lead to exclusive fleur de lis jewelry!

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