Double Closet Organization Ideas For a Shared Closet

If you have a shared closet or two, you may want to try double closet organization ideas. These tips can help you create the perfect closet for both of you. You can also organize a child’s closet or an adult’s closet. Just remember that you must be consistent in your efforts to create an organized space.

Make a second closet

Many people waste closet space by not utilizing the back of the closet doors. But a clever closet organization idea makes use of this space. For example, you can use the space under the doors to store your necklaces. Not only does this save space, but it also makes matching necklaces easier.

You can also make your closet more functional by adding extra organizing products. Some of these items include hat racks, dressers, and clothing separators. You can also make use of baskets for small closets. You can also add shelves to the walls or back of doors. This way, you won’t have to pay for a separate shelving unit.

Another closet organization idea is to add a second rod to the existing closet. Adding a second rod can double the amount of hanging space. You can also install wire shelving to add an extra shelf. These items are cheap and easy to install. Alternatively, you can buy wooden closet rods. These can be found at home improvement stores. They usually offer them cut to the exact length you need.

Organize a child’s closet

Organizing a child’s closet involves getting down on their level. A blog by a children’s shoe company called Froddo has some great tips for parents on how to organize their children’s rooms and closets. One of these tips is to get down on your knees and look at the space from your child’s perspective.

One of the biggest problems with children’s closets is that shoes often end up in a chaotic pile on the floor of the closet. And they rarely stay grouped together, especially on hectic school mornings. To help solve this problem, you can use open shelving, door hangers, and stackable plastic baskets. In addition, you can use storage bins to store out-of-season shoes or sports equipment. Choose containers with lids that come off easily. You can even customize them to reflect your child’s interests.

Kids need to have easy access to their things. Keep similar items together to make it easier for them to find things. You can also label each bin so that your child can easily find what he or she is looking for. Also, store things that don’t need lids together.

If you are able to get your child involved, you can let them declutter the closet and decide what should go in each space. They can also choose dividers and help you organize. Older children can even help decorate the closet. By allowing your child to be involved in the process, they will feel much more motivated and engaged in the process.

Another tip on how to organize a child’s closet is to designate a spot for everything. You can create shelves or drawers for clothing, diapers, and other items. Then you can add small boxes and baskets for accessories. You can even have hanging rods lower to the floor.

The most important step to organizing a child’s closet is to make sure that there is proper storage for all the items. Using the zones method will help you separate items by category so that you can quickly find and put them away. For example, you can separate the clothes by season so that your child can quickly put them away without having to rummage through the closet.

Organize an adult’s closet

It can be a challenge to organize an adult’s closet because they may not be as mobile as younger people. However, older adults can still take good care of their belongings. Some of these individuals may find specific tasks stressful and may not put away certain items because of frustration. They may also be unable to bend over enough to reach certain items because of vertigo or a fear of falling. This can also lead to piles that may not be safe for the older person.

The first step in organizing an adult’s closet is determining what to donate and what to throw away. This can be the hardest part but it is also the most important step. You should try to donate as many items as you can. This doesn’t mean that you should throw away your favorite items but you should ask yourself if you’ll wear them again.

Organize a shared closet

Sharing a closet can be a challenge, but if you use smart closet organization ideas, you can divide the space into two separate areas. This will prevent chaos and allow each person to have their own style of organizing. Here are some of the best ways to organize a shared closet.

First, determine the size of the space. If it is large, you can use a closet organization system that uses hangers. Or, you can use clothes dividers to organize clothes by color, size, or season. These can be hung over a closet rod and labeled for easy access. They also make putting away clean laundry a breeze.

Second, create a layout based on your personal habits and maintenance. You should place everyday items on lower shelves, while seasonal items should be kept on high shelves. You should also divide the closet into sections based on the frequency of use. This way, you can keep everyday items easily accessible and seasonal items in high places.

Professional organizers recommend using containers and clear boxes for small items. Also, use fabric storage baskets that will not rip clothes. This will maximize space and create a cohesive look. Also, make sure that your baskets are the same size. This way, they won’t interfere with each other’s clothing.

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