Best Places to Visit in Eielson Air Force Base

When you’re in Alaska, you’ll want to check out Eielson Air Force Base. This base is a United States Air Force installation located just 26 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska, near Moose Creek. The base was originally opened in 1943 as Mile 26 Satellite Field, and on 13 January 1948 it was redesignated Eielson Air Force Base. It’s also a Superfund site, which means that the area has had a high level of environmental contamination and is currently undergoing cleanup.

Salcha is a popular fishing destination

Fishing in Salcha, an area of Eielson Air Force Base, is one of the most popular activities in the area. The residents have suggested several ways to improve the area. They suggest distributing flyers, putting them in mailboxes, and having DoD representatives meet with residents regularly to discuss the area. They also want military flight paths and old ops areas made available for residents. They would also like to see cell towers removed from areas where aircraft fly.

The Salcha River is one of the best places to fish in the area. The area is 20 miles from Eielson Air Force Base, and is a popular fishing destination for military personnel. There are 130 sites near the river, with toilets, boat launches, and picnic areas.

The location is accessible by bike, thanks to the base’s bike path. The base also hosts an outdoor recreation area on Birch Lake, and a campground on the Chena River Annex. The base is also home to a 248,000-acre Fort Wainwright Yukon Maneuver Area, and a 643,000-acre Tanana Flats Training Area.

Residents in Salcha have expressed concerns about the base’s air traffic. The military’s land holdings are larger than the state of Washington. Residents have asked the base to provide a tactical map showing flight patterns. They also support the comment that the military should avoid the French Creek drainage and the area west of Pump Station 8.

Eielson Air Force Base has a Joint Mobility Center, which assists the transportation of Air Force and Army personnel. This center is primarily used for munitions, but sometimes commercial planes land in the area. It is home to a large fleet of aircraft, including A-10 aircraft.

The Arctic Nite Strike Zone Cafe

Located in the Arctic Nite Lanes Bowling Center, the Arctic Nite Strike Zone Cafe serves breakfast Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 10:30am and offers a daily lunch special. You can choose from a variety of items on the menu including salads, sandwiches, burgers, and more. The restaurant also accepts takeout orders.

The Bowling Center

The Bowling Center at Ellsworth Air Force Base is a popular place for the entire family. The facility hosts weekly bowling specials and offers food from the Snack Bar, which includes breakfast and lunch items. It is a great place for family time or a night out with friends. As an added benefit, military members and dorm residents are offered free shoes and games.

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