Best Places to Visit in Eastport, Maine

If you’re visiting the Maine coast, the city of Eastport is a must-see. Located on Moose Island, it is the easternmost city in the United States. Some of its top attractions include the Historic lighthouse, Water Street Museum, and the Smokehouse Museum.

Water Street Museum

If you’re looking for a unique place to spend your day in Eastport, Maine, consider the Water Street Museum. This museum offers a wide variety of exhibits that cover the culture, history, and environment of the area. The museum also has a full calendar of events and artists in residence.

The town is also home to the deepest natural harbor on the eastern seaboard of the USA. For many decades, the main activities in Eastport included fishing and curing seafood. Today, the area offers a wide variety of attractions that will leave you with a lifetime memory. Another must-see in Eastport is the John Shackford State Park, located on the peninsula of Moose Island. The park is named after the revolutionary soldier John Shackford and is 87 acres.

Another historic site in the town is the Kilby House, which is filled with original family antiques. You can stay in one of the four upstairs guestrooms, which are furnished with period pieces. There’s even a bathroom that was added after the house was built. The Kilby House also serves a great breakfast in the formal dining room every morning. The rates here range from $85-110 for a room with breakfast.

If you want to take a step back in time, you should visit the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum. This museum contains specimens from all over the state. The museum also includes meteorites, and a rock garden. The museum also has a museum shop where you can purchase gemstone jewelry made in Maine.

The museum is located four miles from Eastport. During the late nineteenth century, the town had a thriving sardine canning industry. In fact, there were more than a dozen canneries in the town. Many of the town’s buildings are on the National Historic Registry. During the Christmas Tour, many residents open their doors to the public.

If you’re traveling from Portland, there are many places to visit in the surrounding areas. Some are located near beaches, while others are more rural. In fact, Ogunquit is a small town less than half an hour from the city.

The Smokehouse Museum

In Lubec, Maine, you can visit the McCurdy Smokehouse, a former industrial fish processing facility. It was in operation from 1906 to 1991 and is the only intact early twentieth century herring processing facility in Maine.

Another place to visit is the Eastern Maine Images Gallery, which features local photography. It is housed in an historic bank building. Crow Tracks Woodcarving is owned by Roland LaVallee and carries on a multigenerational Franco woodcarving tradition.

If you’re interested in Native American culture, you should visit Pleasant Point, the largest Native American reservation in the state. You can view local artifacts and watch demonstrations by local artisans. You’ll also find several restaurants and bars within walking distance of this historic site.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Eastport, Maine, you may want to stay in one of the many hotels. The Cohill’s Inn offers spectacular views of the Bay of Fundy and Lubec Narrows. It also offers delicious food and drinks, including vegan and vegetarian options. Plus, the town’s nightlife is alive and varied, with live music nightly. For those who prefer a drink, the Dooryard Shine Pub offers a delicious 140-proof maple wood aged rum that is served in a stylish setting.

While visiting Eastport, Maine, you should also make time for the Smokehouse Museum. This is the only remaining stone mustard mill in the United States. The museum employs former smokehouse workers who are now employed at the museum. You can tour the museum to learn more about the history of the town and how the smokehouse was used.

While visiting Eastport, be sure to sample the town’s seafood and diner classics. The deck overlooking Passamaquoddy Bay is the perfect spot to enjoy a shore dinner or a breakfast with a cup of Maine maple syrup.

Reversing Falls

Reversing Falls are a rare phenomenon that occurs at the inlet where freshwater meets ocean. Known as tidal falls, they are created when the tides change during the day. This backflow of water occurs because there is a narrow passageway between the freshwater and the ocean. The phenomenon is unique to Maine and the East Coast of the United States.

Reversing Falls Park is located on the Saint John River and has a series of waterfalls that reverse direction twice a day. This natural wonder is a favorite among nature lovers and is a great place to hike and relax. The falls are accessible by boat during slack periods.

Reversing Falls is located less than an hour away from Eastport, Maine. The area is known for its diverse wildlife. With its four-square-mile size, you will have plenty of opportunities to snap some great photos. If you are a nature enthusiast, bring binoculars, because there are many species to observe. Another popular attraction is the Quoddy Head Lighthouse, which is also a must-see.

You can reach Reversing Falls in Pembroke, Maine by taking U.S. 1 or a Route 214 extension. Leighton Point Road is 3.3 miles away, and Clarkside Road is another 1.2 miles away. You can also access the park from the town of Pembroke Land and Parking Area. You can also access Reversing Falls via the Downeast Coastal Conservancy trail, which begins at the eastern parking area.

One of the best things to do in Eastport is walk along the waterfront. Despite its small size, Eastport has a lively arts and cultural community. Located between Passamaquoddy Bay and Cobscook Bay, Eastport has a beautiful natural setting and an historic downtown district.

Historic lighthouse

Eastport Maine is a city of islands in Washington County, Maine. It is the easternmost point of the U.S. and has the deepest natural harbor on the east coast. Fishing and curing used to be the main sources of income, but there are many other activities that can make your visit to Eastport memorable. Moose Island, named after a revolutionary soldier, has 87 acres of public land to explore, including a historic lighthouse.

The lighthouse is only accessible by foot during low tide, so be sure to check the tide schedule before your trip. The stairs are steep and require good footwork. A small fee covers parking and an attendant will answer questions about the lighthouse. The walk up to the lighthouse involves a climb up four flights of stairs and a bit of rock scrambling, so you will want to wear good walking shoes.

The museum in the Keeper’s Quarters offers information on the history of lighthouses and their keepers. You can also see how technology has changed the way lighthouses work. You can also see some of the artifacts from the lighthouse, such as Fresnel lenses.

Whether you are a history buff or an artist, the lighthouse offers a unique experience. The museum features many exhibitions, including maritime art, history, culture, and the environment on land. The museum also hosts regular events, including an artist in residence.

Nearby Lubec is another place to visit in Eastport Maine. While there are a few other places to visit in the city, the historic lighthouse is one of the most popular. The town also offers a museum that features the history of the herring industry. Its original use was to process herring. However, trade in herring declined over time. Today, the museum is owned by a society with the goal of preserving local history. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Eastport is a small town, just four square miles in size. The town is home to many wildlife species, so be sure to bring your binoculars and take a few pictures while you’re visiting. You can even go on a walk around the town every morning and see what wildlife you can spot along the way.

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