Best Places to Visit in Eastport, Maine

Eastport, Maine, is a small city located on Moose Island. It is one of the easternmost cities in the United States. There are several places to visit in the area, including the Quoddy Bay Lobster House, Raye’s Mustard Mill, and the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden.

Quoddy Bay Lobster

Located on Sea Street in downtown Eastport, Quoddy Bay Lobster is an iconic seafood spot. Its seafood is harvested daily from the area’s waters and served in a variety of dishes. The restaurant also serves seafood takeout and features a fish market. The waterfront setting provides a stunning view of the harbor.

Located in the state’s easternmost city, Eastport is a prime spot for lovers of seafood. Located on the shores of Cobscook Bay, the lobster fleet heads out before sunrise to haul traps. The cold, nutrient-rich waters are aided by strong currents that drive in a large amount of cold sea water twice daily.

Eastport is home to the Tides Institute and Museum of Art. Visitors can also sample authentic Maine seafood at Quoddy Bay Lobster. The town is also home to Raye’s Mustard Mill, which opened in 1903. The mill produces tangy mustard that’s used to season sardines. It is also the only mustard mill in the United States to use the cold stone-ground method.

Eastport is also home to a thriving arts and culture scene. The city has a 100-year tradition in the arts, including fine art, handcraft, theater, film, and music. The Tides Institute and Museum of Art features rotating exhibits, a StudioWorks Artist in Residence program, and seven year-round constituent groups.

Whether you’re a seafood fan or a nature lover, Eastport has something for everyone. The town’s landscape features many wildlife species. Bring binoculars! The harbor is also home to several species of sea birds.

West Quoddy light

The West Quoddy lighthouse is located in Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec, Maine. It was built in 1808 to guide ships through the Quoddy Narrows. It is the easternmost lighthouse in the contiguous United States.

The lighthouse was built in 1808 and is home to a museum and visitor center. It was rebuilt again in 1858 with the famous horizontal stripe design. It is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the country. You can tour the lighthouse and walk the scenic trails in the park, which include a coastal plateau bog.

There is also a small museum with a collection of local history and art. The Water Street Museum is home to a wide variety of exhibits on everything from the history of the area to the environment on land. It hosts a regular calendar of events and even has an artist-in-residence.

The West Quoddy lighthouse is only accessible on foot during low tide, so you’ll need to be prepared for some hiking. You’ll need to park in the parking lot and pay $5 to enter. There’s an attendant who will help you answer any questions you might have. After you’ve paid the fee, you can walk to the lighthouse. However, be aware that the lighthouse is only open for a couple of hours a day during the summer.

If you’re in the mood for a hike, you can also climb the West Quoddy light. The lighthouse is 3.5 miles from Letete and Campobello Island. The hiking trail is challenging and offers a spectacular view. While you’re there, be sure to stop for a meal or a drink at the nearby restaurant.

Raye’s Mustard Mill

While most of today’s mustards are cooked and ground with high-speed technology, the Raye’s Mustard Mill uses a traditional French process and uses original stones to grind the seeds. This method preserves the volatile flavor properties of the whole seeds.

Visitors to Eastport can enjoy a visit to the last stone-ground mustard mill. The business was founded in 1900 by J. Wesley Raye, a local whose family also owned a smokehouse. Though there are no canneries anymore, the mustard produced by the Raye’s Mustard Mill is considered to be one of the finest in the world and has won several awards. The mustard mill also has a lighthouse that is run by Canadians. It welcomes visitors from New Brunswick and Washington County in Maine.

The Mill also features an educational video about the history of the mustard industry. Visitors can taste different mustard flavors and see how it is made. Several varieties are available for sampling, and you can even purchase a variety of other products, such as tinned fish and soft pretzels. The prices here are high, but well worth it if you love Maine mustard!

Raye’s Mustard Mill is an artisanal mustard shop that dates back to 1903. This is the last stone-ground mustard mill in North America, and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The mill is currently being renovated and will eventually be self-sustaining, thanks to a long-term operating agreement with J.W. Raye & Company. In the meantime, the mill will continue to make mustard on site.

The Raye’s Mustard Mill is a must-see attraction for any foodie visiting the Maine coast. You can learn about the history of the mustard industry in Maine and see the incredible process used to grind the seeds. The mill uses stone wheels to grind the seed, which maintains the natural flavor of the mustard. It was originally built to supply the sardine industry, but the Raye’s Mustard Mill was moved to its current location in 1903. The mill can be visited Monday through Saturday, and the museum is open until 8pm.

Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

Whether you are looking for some quiet time or a chance to get close to nature, the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden is a great place to be. This beautiful garden is open rain or shine and is the perfect place to spend some time relaxing and connecting with nature. Admission is just $22 per adult and $10 per child aged three to twelve. Children under three are free. The garden is open daily from May until mid-October.

Eastport is a quaint little Coastal Maine town. It is made famous by the movie Carousel and is home to the famous 1901 Footbridge, which is located adjacent to Rowe’s Wharf. There are also plenty of scenic views and wildlife to see, so be sure to bring your binoculars! Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an activity to keep the kids entertained, Eastport has something for everyone.

Located near Boothbay Harbor, the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden is a must-visit for nature lovers. Featuring over 300 acres of gardens, woodlands, and coastal areas, the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden offers a relaxing, stress-free environment to enjoy nature. Whether you’re interested in flowers, birds, or butterflies, the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden has it all.

The Coastal Maine Botanical Garden was built with sustainability in mind. It has environmentally friendly trails, and many of the plants on the property have been grown naturally. The gardens’ Bosarge Family Education Center has been named the “greenest building in Maine” and features solar panels and a rainwater collection system. The building also features innovative insulation and functions as a zero-net energy building.

The museum is open on Fridays from noon to 4 p.m. and has a pair of taxidermy moose.

Lubec Brewing Company

For those who love local brews, Lubec Brewing Company is a must-visit. The microbrewery focuses on using organic ingredients from local farms to make its beers. In addition to the brews, you can also find local foods and art at this brewery.

The brewery was originally a thirty-gallon-a-week brewpub, but now produces 120-240 gallons of beer every week. The Lubec Brewing Company is part of the Maine Brewery Trail and has a steady stream of visitors. Customers from nearby towns such as Lubec, Calais, and Machias visit to sample the craft beer and pub fare. Owner Tracy White doesn’t want the brewery to grow too large; she prefers to make small batches.

Lubec is a small town located in the Bay of Fundy. It has a historic lighthouse and plenty of hiking trails. Visitors can also take whale watching tours from the wharf. The town has several hotels, the most famous of which is Cohill’s Inn, located downtown. Other options include the more traditional Inn on the Wharf, which is attached to Fisherman’s Wharf. Both offer seafood and downeast Maine hospitality.

While you’re in Lubec, take time to enjoy the town’s many events and attractions. The Breakwater Gallery in town represents thirty-five artists. There, you can see local folk art and handmade crafts. It’s also home to the Eastport Arts Center, which hosts numerous events.

The Lubec Brewing Company is another great spot to visit while in Eastport, Maine. It has an extensive museum full of exhibits on the local community, including the history, culture, and land environment. This museum also hosts regular events, including art shows and artists-in-residence programs.

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