Benefits of Dead Sea Salt For Body Detoxification

Dead Sea salt is derived from different minerals and seawater samples taken from various places in the world. Some of the salts have high amounts of sodium, magnesium and potassium while others have less of these minerals and salts. As a result, they are classified as Dead Sea salts. These salts are used for various purposes such as cosmetics, deodorants, food supplements, salt treatments for spa sessions, bath salts, medical treatments, etc.

dead sea salt

Most of the salts found at Dead Sea contain chloride, bromide and carbonate. These chemicals interact with the water and bring about positive ions that have a cleansing effect on the skin, hair, cells and tissues. Most people who regularly take a Dead Sea bath or purchase Dead Sea salts find that their hair, skin, sinuses and respiratory tract remain healthy and free of any infection or congestion. Many people who use these for therapeutic purposes also find that they help their body in improving its blood circulation. They thus experience a boost in energy levels and can therefore tackle more demanding assignments easily.

When you purchase Dead Sea salt for use in your bathroom or kitchen, make sure that it does not have an amount of magnesium in it. You should therefore buy salts that are relatively free from impurities. The minerals content helps in improving the water quality in your skin. It has properties that help in improving the blood flow in the body. People who regularly suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis often rely on this mineral for treating and preventing the symptoms associated with these conditions.

People who are on a low sodium diet often benefit from Dead Sea salt baths. This mineral contains relatively higher levels of sodium and potassium than normal sea salt, making it ideal for people on sodium restricted diets. Amongst pregnant women, high blood pressure patients and diabetics, it has been found to be helpful for treating and reducing hypertension, especially in women who experience hormonal imbalances. During menopause, potassium levels in the blood are depleted, leading to profuse sweating, dry skin and hair loss.

The therapeutic properties of dead sea salt help reduce depression and anxiety, as well as help alleviate the symptoms associated with rheumatism, muscle pain, spasms, back pain and sciatica. Many people who take advantage of the bath salts find that their skin ages very gracefully. Even acne, which has no effective treatment other than prescription medication, is relieved by regular use of this bath salt.

The therapeutic properties of dead sea salt are strengthened if it is used in conjunction with potassium and magnesium. Combined with essential oils, it works as a powerful astringent. A few drops of it under your tongue before a meal can help you feel full easily. This makes it an ideal addition to any weight loss and cleansing program.

It is best to use it as a substitute for regular soap when cleansing the body. Instead of using the normal bar soaps for cleansing, try a natural cleansing agent made of the Dead Sea salt in a warm bath. The Dead Sea salt has a high content of sodium, which helps to alleviate any muscle or joint inflammation, due to its properties of strengthening and easing tension. It also works extremely well as an anti-inflammatory agent. You can add it to any bath or shower, to reap its many healing benefits.

It’s also good to use the dead sea salt on your skin. As previously mentioned, it has properties that help make it effective against any form of skin inflammation or infection. You can dip a clean cloth into the water and apply it onto the affected areas of your skin or bath. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse off with warm water. It’s a very convenient and cost-effective way to detoxify your body of any toxins or impurities.

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