Bath Salts Unlawful Substance Abuse

Bath salts are a collection of designer herbal drugs. The name comes from cases where the “medicines” were disguised as bath salt. The bath salt, flakes, or crystals tend to look similar to Epsom salts, although different chemically.

bath salt

Most “bath salts” are sold on major drug store shelves and in holistic healing centers. They have become so popular that bath salt manufacturers now produce different variations for sale. There are those with special formulas to treat specific symptoms, and others with a broader range of symptomatic relief. This allows many people to have the same relief from symptoms at different times, or in varying combinations.

Some bath salts contain synthetic cathinones or “bath salts”. cathinones, also known as synthetic ecstasy, work on the nervous system to create a much more intense and frequent orgasm, sometimes resulting in multiple orgasms. Some of these synthetic cathinones can cause serious side effects including heart problems, liver failure, and even death. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many serious sexual problems such as multiple orgasms and premature ejaculation are caused by taking bath salts that contain this chemical. Because of this danger, it is strongly recommended that bath salt manufacturers avoid using the name “bath salts” on their labels.

Other bath salts contain plant steroids or “steroids”. Because bath salts contain concentrated extracts from herbs, some plants are naturally meant to be used as drugs. While many of the substances found in bath salts have been researched and deemed safe, there is no current evidence that they are effective in treating or curing any condition. Because the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, the best way to know if a bath salt is the real thing, or just a sugar pill, is to consult a doctor.

One of the most common substances found in bath salts is phenylethylamine, a psychoactive stimulant that can cause delirium, hallucinations, and even unconsciousness. The stimulants are often sold as pheromone bath salts and can be found in such products as “Lavender”. While it is not known how this substance affects humans, it is commonly used in online gay dating chat rooms and has even been used in television shows to help people find love. Because this drug can cause serious criminal activity, it is extremely important that police departments across the united state’s poison control centers and report all findings to them.

The effects of bath salts, whether they are bath salts that contain legal prescription drugs or bath salts that contain synthetic chemicals, generally result in a combination of increased heart rate, hallucinations, and other mental effects. Because the effect of bath salts is often confused with alcohol intoxication, many people under the influence of these drugs feel they are legally drunk. Unfortunately, this intoxicated state can then justify a number of crimes, such as driving with a suspended license, assault, and numerous other offenses. Because bath salts have become increasingly popular over the last ten years, there has been an increase in their sale and use. This increase has also increased the number of calls to police departments around the country who are now encountering an increase in cases of bath salts and similar drugs, and the numbers of police who are currently investigating bath salt and their effects for intoxication cases are growing.

Unfortunately, bath salts misuse can also have detrimental side effects, such as the increased heart rate and blood pressure and even death. The reason for this is because bath salts increase the heart rate and blood pressure to dangerous levels that can lead to cardiac arrest. When blood pressure reaches a dangerous level, it increases the risk of having a seizure. This increased risk for seizure disorder has led to an increase in the number of people who have developed epilepsy.

People who abuse bath salts must now be kept in rehabilitation centers or else risk jail time. This dangerous drug has many dangerous and long-term side effects, and many more when compared to the relatively mild and temporary effects of cathinone, which is also a synthetic cathinone. Although bath salts do cause deaths, it’s important to keep in mind that bath salts and similar synthetic substances are not considered illegal substances, so long-term abuse of these products will not result in criminal repercussions. Instead, the most serious consequence that bath salts and other illicit drug use can cause is suffering, and possibly even death.

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