5 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, there’s an organization method to suit your needs. There are metal shelf organizers, Lazy Susans, clear plastic bins and Pegboard, to name a few. And there’s also a clever way to store your water bottles.

Metal shelf organizers

Metal shelf organizers are a fantastic space-saver and are on-trend. They attach to undersides of cabinets and drawers and have two vertical racks for dish towels and two horizontal racks for measuring spoons and cups. One can also attach one to the front of a drawer, which is an excellent option for vertical storage. Another useful organization option is a magnetic organizer for paper towels, plastic wrap, salt and pepper, and other kitchen essentials. It also has a regular bar for dishtowels and six hooks for utensils.

A smart drawer system is another great way to keep silverware, serving utensils, and other items organized. Drawer lighting makes it easy to see what’s inside. Another clever kitchen organization idea is to create a separate drawer for storing loose items or dry goods. You can also use an under-sink drawer to store cleaning products. Or, you can buy a sliding organizer that fits beneath your sink.

A kitchen is the most used room in a home, which makes it a prime candidate for organization. Half-filled spice jars and mismatched containers can clutter your countertop and your cabinets, while paper plates and coffee filters can pile up in your pantry. Thankfully, clever kitchen organization ideas can help keep things organized in your kitchen and help you to enjoy cooking more.

Pots and pans are hard to store in small kitchens, but they can be kept organized in extra pantry space. You can also add pegboard to your walls for instant wall storage. And don’t forget to use decorative baskets to hold cookbooks and mail. They also look great on the walls and can even be hung on doors.

Lazy Susans

Adding a lazy Susan to your cabinets is a great way to maximize space in your kitchen. Whether you have a small kitchen or a big one, a lazy Susan keeps condiments and other small items close at hand. It also reduces clutter and maximizes storage space. You can also buy customized ones that are made to fit your cabinets.

Most lazy susans are circular, which means that they won’t impede the rotation of utensils. This can help you avoid scrubbing your kitchen counter or having to look through items. Lazy Susans are also inexpensive and easy to clean. A lazy susan also takes up no counter space.

Lazy Susans are also useful in the bathroom, where they can be placed under the sink. They are also useful for storing toilet bowl cleaner and shower spray, preventing them from damaging your cabinetry. They can also serve as a central hub for other items, including daily toiletries and makeup.

A lazy Susan is a circular tray with a non-slip rubber base. It makes it easier to reach items in deep cabinets. Most of these trays are single-tiered, but there are also multi-tiered models that are also great for storage and organization. Their most important advantage is convenience. The items you’re looking for are always within reach.

The name lazy Susan has many origin stories. Some say it originated in America, but others claim that it was invented in Germany or England in the eighteenth century. Regardless of the origins, the simplest concept is that it allows you to rotate the tray to access items in the cupboard.

Clear plastic bins

Clear plastic bins are a fantastic way to keep your kitchen tidy. They don’t take up much space, and make identifying packaged foods easier. Some of the best ones come from OXO, which has won rave reviews from food writers like Rebecca Firkser. The bins are airtight and are convenient for storing produce and other foods.

A stackable plastic bin is another great way to organize your pantry. They stack easily and can hold a lot of food. These are also cheap to purchase. Glass containers are another excellent option for pantry organization. These can be easily accessed and easily transported. In addition, they can help you save space by allowing you to see what you have without removing the food.

The space above your fridge is hard to reach, but it’s perfect for storing items you rarely use. You can also use the space above your cabinets or shelves for items you don’t use often. Just make sure you don’t store heavy items in this area. Organizing the space above your cabinets and shelves will help you avoid the problem of clutter and wasted food.


Pegboard is a convenient tool for organizing kitchen cabinets. It can be mounted on a wall or floor and has many uses. Usually, pegboard is installed by tacking it to the wall. This method leaves only one side of the board open for hanging tools. However, the Saturday Morning Workshop shows how to use both sides of the pegboard. Moreover, pegboard comes in many sizes, so you can use it to fit your needs.

Pegboard is versatile and inexpensive. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can be easily cut to fit any kitchen space. In addition, pegboard allows you to organize a wide variety of items. You can use shorter and longer hooks to fit different sized pegs. For example, you can hang small irons, scissors, and touch-up paint.

Pegboards can also be used for hanging decorative items. They help to create a beautiful, organized kitchen and make cooking easier. Instead of having to dig through cabinets, you can hang tools on pegboards. These pegboards can be painted to match the design of your kitchen. For durability, you should opt for a semi-gloss or gloss finish. Otherwise, marks and dirt will be easily visible.

Pegboards are an affordable storage solution for your kitchen. They can be added to your existing kitchen to instantly improve its appearance. They are especially useful for kitchens with lots of kitchenware. These versatile storage solutions are easy to install and blend in with any style. Some pegboards are magnetic, while others can be hidden away when not in use.

Whether you are working on a small kitchen or a large one, pegboards can be a great solution for organizing items. You can hang anything from kitchen gadgets to desk supplies. You can also use them to store decor items.

Pull-out drawers

Pull-out drawers in the kitchen are an easy way to organize the space in your cabinetry. They’re ideal for keeping your kitchen supplies organized, and they are a great space-saving alternative to plastic bins. You can use a single drawer for random items or set up a whole cabinet for essentials. There are also clever organizers that allow you to easily see what’s inside the drawer. To help you get started, consider lucite organizers. These slick designs allow you to store loose items and dry goods in a tidy way. For even more organization, consider shelf inserts and extendable lid racks.

Pull-out drawers are also great for storing cleaning supplies. They help keep spills from occurring and keep bottles organized. They can also make your cabinet space look more appealing. You can even add hidden drawers to maximize cabinet space. This option is ideal for items that sit flat or are rarely used.

If you don’t want to use your kitchen drawers to store your cleaning supplies, you can use pull-out racks for trash cans. These racks are designed to fit into almost any space in your kitchen and make it easy to access and use what you need.

In the kitchen, pull-out drawers are an excellent storage solution for utensils and other everyday items. They are great for kitchen cabinets with limited space and can even save space in your pantry. Pull-out pantries are another great option for kitchen cabinets. These units are easy to install and make it a breeze to store your everyday kitchen supplies.

Pull-out kitchen storage also makes your cabinets look more attractive. They make it easy to organize cookware, pantry staples, and extra jars. In addition, they add an extra custom touch to the cabinets. They also allow you to hide your cooking utensils from view. Plus, their narrow footprint means they fit into a small space.

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